Jewelry Repair in Wichita, KS

American Pawn and Guns

When your favorite piece breaks, it can feel like quite a loss. But donít worry, we staff an expert jeweler who will make the repairs right here in our shop.

In Store Jewelry Repair

Jewelry repair | American Pawn and Guns

Here at American Pawn and Guns we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service throughout the jewelry repair process. Whether you are bringing in a family heirloom for refurbishing, or just needing a new earring back, we have you covered! Our jeweler has over 30 years of experience and those years can be seen in the immaculate quality of work on every piece for our customers in Wichita, KS.

Jewelry Store

Along with repairing your current pieces, our cases are full of fine jewelry waiting to find a home in your collection. We have a wide range of necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings for every occasion at the lowest prices in Wichita, KS. Additionally, we will buy gold in any shape or form and offer the highest value in the metro. We also offer jewelry sizing, repairs, and custom made pieces whether you purchased the materials from us or elsewhere.

Free Ring Resizing

Resizing on rings 699.99 and up is always free, and sizing of rings below that is very reasonable starting at just 16.00! We are looking forward to meeting you and exceeding your expectations.

American Pawn and Guns shop is the best place to pawn, sell, or buy your merchandise in Wichita, KS. First and foremost we are experts in the field. Our associates are professional and knowledgeable, and they will help you to get the best deal for your needs.

Jewelry repair 1 | American Pawn and Guns
Jewelry repair 1 | American Pawn and Guns
Jewelry repair 1 | American Pawn and Guns